All news 17.11.2017

Prevention Care Package Detects Early Health Issues


Acibadem City Clinic Varna has launched a new health prevention package. It is a paid service and includes a variety of clinical services for early prevention of cardiovascular, oncological and other significant diseases. The program is tailored to the individual features of each patient and takes place on two weekdays.

The Prevention Package targets working, self-employed or family-friendly carers whose time is limited. It is designed for patients who expect an excellent service with the best experts. Dates for conducting the prevention program examinations are at the patient's choice and will be tailored to their possibilities and free time.

Upon completion of the screening, the results of the examinations will be discussed by medical professionals. A final analysis will be included together with recommendations and a specified prevention program of maintaining good health or correct the detected deviations.

Packages have been developed for different groups: up to the age of 39, up to 49 or 50+ years. To them, according to the individual case, we can add consultations with specialists as well as examination in order to refine the health status information.

More information is provided at the Medical Center by our coordinator, Dr. Violina Nikolova

Phone:                    +359 (0) 895 584 706 on working days

Office Hours:           from 8.30 am to 4:00 pm.