All news 18.03.2019

Over 100 000 examinations and investagations were performed by our medics in 2018th


Thousands of patients of different ages and nationalities have trusted their health to the medics from Acibadem City Clinic Varna in 2018. At the medical center were perfomed over 74,000 specialist examinations and more than 29,000 investigations in the Image Diagnostics sector were performed. Nearly 200 people working in Varna companies and businesses checked their health through preventive examinations.

Specialists in imaging diagnostics have done more than 3 400 MRI investigations and nearly 6 400 on the CT scan. More than 11,400 X-ray pictures have been performed, including specialized studies such as Iriography and Vaginal Urography. Radiologists have performed over 4,500 ultrasounds, including tendon, thyroid, abdominal organs.


Our specialists are among the most sought-after for mammography and mammograms for early diagnosis of breast cancer. More than 3, 400 mammograms have been made.

The clinic continues to develop modern mini-invasive and non-invasive methods. More and more patients evaluate the advantages of laser ablation of varicose veins. For 2018th 207 procedures were made to allow rapid recovery and return to normal activities of our patients.

Another convenient non-invasive procedure continues to be performed by urologists - breaking stones in the kidneys through lithotripsy. Over one year, more than 850 patients chose the method which does not include long hospital stay.

The medical center remains one of the only medical facilities with orthotripsy. The orthopedist Prof. Dimitar Raikov applies the electro-wave breakdown of bone formations. The method solves a certain range of bone and joint problems without surgery.