All news 18.03.2019

Dr. Tomova MD: Only doctor can assa whether you have flu


For the first symptoms of illness, seek out your personal physician. Only a medic can assess the flu and what treatment you need, says Dr. Denitsa Tomova, ENT Specialist from Acibadem City Clinic Varna.

She was awarded a Young Doctor of the Year of the Medical Establishment award. Dr. Tomova talks with a reporter at Radio Varna on what the flu is like this year and how to protect ourselves.

Feelings of fatigue, chills, pains throughout the body, runny nose, distinguish this year's virus “Michigan”. It's the type of swine flu and it's going heavy. At the first symptoms, look for your GP and he will judge the right treatment for you, says Dr. Tomova. It is also possible to direct you to a specialist - ENT or a pulmologist.

To prevent infections during a flu epidemic, certain rules of good hygiene must be observed: Wash your hands often with water and soap, ventilate frequently the premises, avoid gathering with larger groups of people. Toys for young children should be washed with a disinfectant.

The virus spreads through an air-drip path. Dr. Tomova recommends the wearing of masks that protect the person from contamination, as well as protects people from the already ill person. The masks should be changed after 30 minutes.