All news 18.09.2017

Cardiologists of Acibadem City Clinic Cardiovascular Center Invasive Saved a Female Patient with Severe Heart Failure


A 70-years old female patient received a chance to live after undergoing a rare procedure

A team of invasive cardiologists at Acibadem City Clinic Cardiovascular Center led by Dr. Iveta Tasheva, managed to implement a unique for Bulgaria and rare worldwide procedure to save the life of a 70- years old female patient. Due to her high-degree stenosis of the biological prosthesis of the tricuspid heart valve, she underwent a balloon valvuloplasty – a procedure described in only 19 medical cases worldwide.

In addition to her severe heart failure, the patient had renal and hepatic insufficiency – a condition caused by the large-scale stenosis and biodegradation of the tricuspid valve biological prosthesis – a replacement due to a rheumatic heart failure. The patient's severe condition and comorbidities did not allow yet another open surgical surgery to replace the narrowed and non-functional valve. Following a multidisciplinary discussion, the experienced team took a decision to perform a single-vascular (minimally invasive) intervention – a balloon valvuloplasty, i. e. expansion of the tricuspid valve via a catheter with a balloon introduced into the heart through a suitable blood vessel. The narrow valve was mechanically expanded by a precise balloon dilation, thus significantly increasing the permeability and reducing the pressure in the right atrium.

In many cases, endovascular invasive treatment is the only chance for patients with severe impairment and comorbidities where an open surgery may be a major risk. The desired outcome can be achieved without the need of resuscitation and subsequent rehabilitation, while significantly shortening the hospital stay.