• Mirela Ilieva is new office manager in our contact office

    A new office manager took over the offices of Acibadem City Clinic and Acibadem in Varna. Mirela Ilieva is the person who consults patients about the health services in the group of medical institutions in Bulgaria and Turkey.

  • Dr. Valkan Ivanov introduces England's experience in breast surgery

    A new specialist joined the team of Acibadem City Clinic Varna - Dr. Valkan Ivanov, a surgeon and consultant in oncoplastic breast surgery. He returned to his hometown after 6 years of working in the UK, gaining considerable experience and skills in the field of surgery.

  • English patient thanks to our employer Volen Ivanov

    The regular Patient of Acibadem City Clinic in Varna Mr. Adrian Dain from Great Britain sent a comprehensive thank-you letter to our employee Volen-Nikolay Ivanov. Until recently, he worked in the Call Center and was recently promoted to International Funds and Patient Expert.

  • Albena Ivanova is our new manager Work with patients

    In an effort to be in constant dialogue with patients and to provide ever-higher quality medical care Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna has opened a position for a Patient Care Manager. Albena Ivanova will personally address all issues and case studies related to patient care.

  • World Heart Day

    We are sharing here our Bulgarian language version of the main messages from this years World Heart Day.