All news 03.02.2016



City Clinic Cancer Center, in cooperation with the Association of Cancer Patients, hosted a briefing dedicated to the World Cancer Day. The meeting was attended by leading physicians and cancer patients.

People shared their personal stories about challenges they face because of this disease, as well as what has helped them during their treatment. They left their messages on the “Tree of Life”, located in the hospital – in the specialized Medical Care Center. Cancer patients and their families can receive emotional, social and psychological support there.

“In 2016, we expect more than 50 000 new cases of cancer to be found in Bulgaria only, and unfortunately more than 20 000 people are expected to die from this severe disease”, said Prof. Dr. Assen Dudov, National Consultant in Medical Oncology and Head of Medical Oncology Dept. at City Clinic Cancer Center. According to latest reports, there are over 300,000 cancer patients in Bulgaria – the most common cases are lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers.

In regards to treatment, it is most successful in malignant processes of thyroid, testicular and cervical cancer, while Medicine has still a lot to offer by its multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of liver, pancreas and esophagus cancer”, said Prof. Tatiana Hadjieva, Chair of the Radiology Association and Head of the Department of Radiotherapy at City Clinic.

About one third of cancer deaths are due to five leading risk factors associated with behavior and nutrition: high body mass index, low consumption of fruit and vegetables, lack of physical activity, smoking, alcohol use.

Smoking is the most significant risk factor of cancer causing about 20% of deaths worldwide and about 70% of deaths due to lung cancer. In Bulgaria and Europe one in three people has been diagnosed with this, while one in four dies.

“People need to change their attitude, be sensitive and responsible towards their health; then cancer can be caught in an early stage, when chances of cure are the largest”, advices Eugenia Adarska, Chair of the Association of Cancer Patients.

Mrs. Mikaela Olson, a representative of the world-famous US Johns Hopkins Medical Center who shared how important it is cancer patients to be treated by highly qualified and specialized nurses. Mrs. Olson taught the City Clinic nursing team and she was impressed by the knowledge of her Bulgarian colleagues.