All news 16.10.2014

More than 40 physicians and nurses from City Clinic donated blood


Physicians, nurses and administrative stuff from City Clinic Sofia participated at voluntary blood donation last week

On 16th of October 2014 about 42 physicians, nurses and administrative stuff of the hospital participated for the second time in voluntary blood donation campaign.  The act was based on participants’ goodwill and completely voluntary with the purpose of giving an example by showing the importance and the exceptional benefit to all patients in need.  Mr. Andrey Markov, managing director at City Clinic also supported the cause with a personal example.

Increasing the number of the donors is essential in order to be provided sufficient quantities of safe blood and blood products. The hospital personnel at City Clinic Sofia has always proved that humanity exists and each of us can make choices in this direction. We have to keep in mind that the act of donation might help patients suffering from many different diseases and might save lives.