All news 13.10.2016



City Clinic was chosen to be the Hospital of 2016. Other competitors for that title were St. Anna Hospital in Sofia, Uni Hospital in Panagyurishte, Medica Albena and Dental Corporation EO Dent.

The second edition of the annual NATIONAL MEDICAL AWARDS 2016 honored the humanity and responsibility of physicians, hospitals, clinics and teams for their significant achievements in the field of medicine. City Clinic became Hospital of 2016, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov was awarded with the prize for significant achievements and long-term activity in medicine, given to established physician professionals in this field.

Priority was given to those candidates who participated in educational and scientific activities, as well as those recognized by public and patient organizations and applying innovations for better service and treatment of patients.

Ministers, MPs and partners of the National Medical Awards 2016 – the Bulgarian Medical Association, the National Patient organization, the National Association of the GPs and the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union gathered together to present the prestigious statuettes both to the people who drive forward the medicine in our country and to the most prestigious hospitals.