All news 19.02.2015

City Clinic Appointed as a University Hospital


The Bulgarian Parliament approved City Clinic to become a University Hospital

The Bulgarian Parliament approved City Clinic to become a University Hospital, the Parliament Press Office announced. It means the Hospital will be able to perform clinical training of students and PhD, pharmacy and healthcare students as well as post-graduate tutoring. The Hospital has got an excellent accreditation assessment for a period of five years for the entire medical activity, specific medical and other activities as well as training opportunities for students and graduates. “The Hospital has been growing and successfully validating itself by offering exceptional inpatient conditions, modern diagnostic examinations, treatment equipment and highly professional medical specialists, stated the official announcement made by the Council of Ministers.

By appointing City Clinic as a University Hospital, students will be able at a very early stage of their learning to acquire knowledge about the modern methods of treatment of the most common social diseases, such as the ones of the cardiovascular system, added the Press Office.

“To us, the decision of the Council of Ministers to appoint City Clinic as a University Hospital is the proof, the medical facility managed to establish itself as a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in just two years after its establishment”, commented the Medical Director of the Hospital, Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD. “Last year City Clinic was awarded with the highest standard of quality and safety in healthcare, granted by Joint Commission International (JCI), and the present recognition by the Bulgarian Governmental Authorities motivates us to further continue making efforts to develop and introduce innovative methodologies as well as provide high-technological healthcare services of highest quality to all our patients, Bulgarians and foreigners alike”, added Prof. Petrov.